VAT – New “One-Stop-Shop” Regime

VAT – New “One-Stop-Shop” Regime

The Circular Letter No: 30240 of 25 June 2021, clarifies the scope of application of the new special regimes, hereafter referred to as “one-stop-shop” introduced by the Law No. 47/2020 of 24 August, in conjunction with the Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 282/2011 of 15 March 2011, regarding the modalities, registration and obligations of the “one-stop-shop” new regime.

The letter comes to clarify:

  • The modalities and scope of the “One-Stop-Shop” regime application, being the Union Regime, the extra-Union Regime and the import regime;
  • The “One-Stop-Shop” registration procedures, applicable to the above mentioned modalities;
  • The obligations under the “One-Stop-Shop” regime, apart from the payment of the tax obligation, namely: the obligation to declare the registration, by electronic means, of the modification and termination of the activity in the referred regime; the obligation to submit, by electronic means, the VAT declaration on the operations covered by the regime; and the obligation to preserve the registers of the operations covered by the regime;
  • The obligation to issue invoices for VAT purposes;
  • The right to deduct or obtain a refund of the VAT, and the fact that the “One-Stop-Shop” does not provide the right to deduct the VAT on the declaration; and
  • The modalities and procedures of the cancelation of the registration.
Elsa Rodrigues

Elsa Rodrigues

Founding Partner/Lawyer