João Espanha

Founding Partner / Lawyer

Tel.: +351 213 538 705


João is a founding partner of Espanha e Associados. He is a member of the coordination team and of the Tax and Finance teams (banking, insurance and securities), coordinating the Finance Law Department.
João is a arbitrator for tax matters at the Administrative Arbitrage Centre (Centro de Arbitragem Administrativa – CAAD).

Practice areas

His work consists mainly on providing legal and tax advice to individuals and businesses, including credit institutions, financial companies, insurance companies and other financial undertakings, with particular emphasis on tax advice and on life assurance, namely unit-linked investment insurance, pension plans, insurance and capitalisation operations.

His work also involves tax litigation, representing clients in disputes with the tax authorities and in judicial proceedings. He is also a tax arbitrator at the CAAD, where he is often the arbitrator appointed by the taxpayer in large-scale complex disputes.

With approximately 30 years of career behind him, his experience affords him an overall and integrated view of the problems and thus contributes to the firm offering effective solutions for its clients.

Academic qualifications

He graduated in 1989 from the Law School of Universidade de Lisboa and has been intensely involved in ongoing training, most notably, the Post-Graduate Course in Advanced Taxation held by the IDEFF.

In 2004, he was acknowledged as a Specialist Tax Lawyer by the Portuguese Bar Association.


He is a member of the following organisations:

  • IFA – International Fiscal Association
  • UIA – Union Internationale des Avocats
  • AFP – Associação Fiscal Portuguesa
  • APCF – Associação Portuguesa de Consultores Fiscais
  • AIDA – Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances


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João Espanha became a reference in the insurance and banking sectors and is frequently quoted in court decisions and also in other author’s works:


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