Civil Law and Litigation

 Civil Law and Litigation

At Espanha e Associados we favour a preventive approach. Our main focus is therefore on advising and counselling our clients on an ongoing basis with a view to optimising their businesses and minimising dispute risks.


Our cooperation and assistance are particularly significant for:

  • drafting and reviewing contracts,
  • negotiating with business partners, whether for entering into contracts or resolving potential disputes;
  • assessing and resolving disputes.


When disputes are inevitable, our main focus is to help the client obtain a swift resolution, ensuring that the remedy found is the one that best serves the client’s interests.


The Espanha e Associados team has vast civil, commercial, corporate and insurance litigation experience, particularly in claims and disputes deriving from:

  • breach of contract;
  • tort;
  • general terms and conditions;
  • corporate disputes;
  • debt collection and recovery.


In recent years, we have also been more actively involved in institutional arbitration and ad hoc arbitration.


The fact that our firm is a member of a worldwide network of law firms enables us to help our clients find legal advice and assistance in international legal disputes.


The Civil Law and Litigation Department is coordinated by Luis Almeida Carneiro.