Clients of Espanha e Associados can avail themselves of full specialist legal representation in any country in the world and for any legal matters.

International network of law firms

Espanha e Associados is a member of TAGLaw, one of the largest networks of independent law firms in the world, comprising approximately 150 law firms based in over 100 countries. TAGLaw has become one of the three biggest international networks of law firms, in terms of members, countries, firms and lawyers, and provides full legal services to clients worldwide.

Specialist law associations

Espanha e Associados is a member of the Corporate Tax Alliance, the IFA – International Fiscal Association and the AIDA – Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances. In Portugal, we are a member of several national associations, including the AFP – Associação Fiscal Portuguesa, the APCF – Associação Portuguesa de Consultores Fiscais.

The aim behind being a member of and participating in specialist law associations is to be able to provide full highly-specialised legal services to our clients.

Sector partnerships

Espanha e Associados has a partnership with NUCASE – Contabilidade e Gestão de Recursos Humanos, in order to ensure that transactions are afforded the proper accounting treatment. We also have a partnership with AHP – Associação da Hotelaria de Portugal, as the hotel sector is one in which Espanha e Associados has been making its presence felt.

International network


Specialist<br /> law


Specialist<br /> law


Specialist<br /> law


Specialist<br /> law


Sector partnerships


Sector partnerships


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